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  • Troubleshooting
  • 2017/4/21¡¡ Reading Time£º[909]
  • Fault: when starting, the motor hum, but does not fuse compressor starting gates jump off? One reason: the extension cord size is too bottom. Correct: the use of high standard wire check switch insurance.
    Reason two: there are too many lights or electrical appliances to be used in the line of the compressor to correct the use of other lines or to remove the load from the line
    Reason three: check valve failure
    Reason four: the voltage is too low. Correct: check with voltmeter
    Reason five: the temperature is too low. Correct: warm up or use light lubricating oil
    Six reasons: fuse or switch specifications wrong. Correct: check replacement.
    Seven reasons: poor ventilation indoor temperature is too high. Correction: the compressor moved to the ventilation area
    Reason eight: pressure switch failure. Correct: replace pressure switch
    Fault two: compressor does not work?
    Reason one: the power line is not correct. Plug in power plug
    Reason two: pressure switch in the off position. Correct: switch on / off position
    Three reasons: no oil in the compressor body (which may be harmful to the compressor) correction: refueling
    Four reasons: the belt is too loose or too tight. Correct: adjustment.
    Fault three: rotation direction is wrong?
    Reason: the motor line is wrong. Correct: change the line
    Fault four: compressor overheating, motor overheating?
    Reason: the use of high pressure overload operation. Correction: reduce the use of pressure
    Cause: air cleaner or valve carbon is blocked. Correct: remove cleaning
    Cause: the belt is too tight or the center line is not aligned
    Cause: the ambient temperature is too high or the ventilation is poor
    Reason: the voltage is too low or the wire is too long
    Fault five: pressure can not rise to the specified value?
    Cause: valve assembly failure. Correct: remove and replace
    Cause: safety valve leakage. Correction: demolition repair, replacement
    Reason: the connection parts leak. Correction: maintenance, adjustment
    Cause: piston ring wear. Correct: replace piston ring
    Fault six: too much noise?
    Reason: lack of lubricating oil in the crankcase. Correct: check whether the bearing is damaged, re oiling
    Cause: belt pulley motor belt guard loose. Correct: turn off the machine and re tighten
    Reason: valve or piston carbon deposition. Correct: remove cylinder cover check
    Reason: bearing piston pin thrust bearing. Correction: sent to approved service center for inspection
    Fault seven: vibration?
    Reason: the pulley is not aligned or too loose. Correct: re aligned or fixed.
    Reason: crankshaft bending (deformation) correction: sent to the approved service center
    Cause: belt slack. Correct: adjust the belt
    The reason: the ground is not flat. Correct: flat ground.
    Fault nine: the oil consumption is too large or there is oil in the hose
    Cause: piston ring wear. Correction: replace the service center
    Cause: cylinder leakage. Correct: replace cylinder
    Reason: run in correction: re (run in)